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amika + HairToStay

Join the amika league and support HairToStay!

amika has always been much more than just a professional hair care and tools company. We not only understand the impact that our products have on women's life, helping them look and feel their best, we have also always understood the importance of giving back. As a company that is involved in helping the community, we found HairToStay to be an amazing opportunity to make meaningful impacts and help women going through chemotherapy. In partnering with HairToStay, we will help spread awareness and finance scalp cooling treatment for cancer patient’s, which prevents hair loss during chemotherapy.

“amika is uniquely positioned to support HairToStay, as our community of hairdressers intimately understand how important hair is to your sense of confidence and self-expression. We believe in the power of feeling beautiful and true to yourself—and want to work to ensure that those undergoing chemotherapy can look and feel like the best version of themselves possible.”

-Chelsea Riggs, amika Brand President

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