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The Keys to a Successful Fundraiser:

Think outside the box

Get creative, and remember – there’s no idea that’s too out there!


Get your whole team engaged

Make sure everyone -- from management to the front desk – knows the purpose behind the fundraiser and about scalp cooling (your guests will ask)!


Include your guests

They want to contribute, you just need to ask! And remember to include guests who may not be into the salon during your campaign, using email and social media.


Solicit local businesses and/or brands for support

Most of our partners have had great success with getting raffle prizes, gifts with donations, matching funds, etc. from their network


Pick a time period that makes sense

It is helpful to choose a month that makes sense for your salon, i.e. May for Mother’s Day or October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and run the campaign around that… but keep your fundraising going all year for the ultimate success!



Cancer is serious, and so is scalp cooling, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun raising money to help transform a patient’s cancer treatment journey!