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Salon Services + HairToStay

Join the Salon Services league and support HairToStay!

Salon Services is an independent wholesale distributor of professional salon and spa products serving Licensed Professionals for over thirty-nine years. One of our core values is partnering with organizations committed to supporting our community. We are proud to be personally involved with HairToStay! We have found their cause to be an amazing opportunity that makes meaningful impact and assists women during a delicate time. Many of whom avoid lifesaving options to avoid losing their hair. In partnering with HairToStay, we are promoting awareness to finance scalp cooling devices for cancer patient’s, which helps prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.
Our founder, Sydney Berry, is personally connected to this cause:
I am a financial contributor and a member of HairToStay's Advisory Council. WHY I AM, is based on my personal experience of my own hair loss due to chemotherapy. As I lost my hair in 1990, it added insult to injury. It broadcast to the world that I was ill at a time when I wanted to do everything possible to be normal, to JUST BE! I didn’t even know there was an option to offset hair loss - and most still don’t!
From a philosophical perspective:
We are in the HAIR industry, wouldn’t it be amazing if we were the resource to sustain it during such a medically induced stressful time? I know that we are the first responders when our clients come to us with their diagnosis challenges. And to be a resource of options as these are not well known or illustrated loudly by the medical community. We have an interest in continuing to help clients with services and products aimed at enhancing the health and beauty of their hair?
From a humane perspective:
If we can help the 8-12% of women who forgo chemo due to fear of hair loss avoid needing to make a potentially life-threatening decision like that, don't we want to?
What am I asking of you?
I'm requesting, that you TAKE ACTION to support HairToStay. Every $1,000 raised to support HairToStay will mean that one more cancer patient will have the chance to save their hair, their privacy, dignity, identity and some sense of normalcy and wellbeing. 

As an industry leader and influencer, you can help ensure that this cause becomes synonymous with our industry! Don’t you want to become a part of our initiative for the HairtoStay1000 Club to raise $1000? Get involved today, and join us in spreading awareness of this amazing cause!

--Sydney Berry, Founder of Salon Services


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