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Ways to Fundraise

There is no one way to fundraise. Only you know your business, your team, your culture and your guests like you do… so if your team likes planning events, throw an event, or if the team is great at talking to guests about campaigns and getting donations at checkout, do that! Every idea so far has been a new one and salons across the country are paving the way with unique, exciting ideas for successful fundraising.

Below are some fun examples of how salons are fundraising for HairToStay to get your creative juices flowing:

Scott J Aveda Salons, New York, NY

How they raised:
  • Requested donations at check out

  • Email campaign to all guests

  • Social Media push to guests

What they raised: $10,000


Randolph’s Salon, White Lake, MI

How they raised:
  • Golf Tournament

  • Raffle

  • Drink tickets

What they raised: $6,688


Headlines the Salon, San Diego, CA

How they raised:
  • Kick-off event

  • Product basket raffle

  • Apple Watch raffle

  • Donations at check-out

What they raised: $2,900


Gila Rut, San Diego, CA

How they raised:
  • Conditioning treatments

  • Apple Watch raffle

  • Requested donations from guests

What they raised: $3,000


Fluff Bar, Denver, CO

How they are raising:
  • Hair & Make-up at the Denver Selfie Museum for donations

  • In-salon fundraiser

Goal for fundraiser: $1,000


FourteenJay, New York, NY

How they raised:
  • Sold a piece of artwork specially created for their fundraiser

  • Portion of proceeds from pink products

  • Donations from guests

What they raised: $3,000